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Whiteboard Solutions for Student Queries
Ultimate Online Educational Platform
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Star Academy is a total A to Z comprehensive online web solution database, with a simple and user friendly database, the provision to a basic classroom. The academy serves as an easy understanding, guidance oriented platform; a provision to variant queries of students.

A comprehensive and easy syllabus oriented teaching system, uniquely addressing...

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Aims and Objectives

A comprehensive and easy syllabus oriented teaching system, uniquely addressing the basic needs and queries of students. Additionally, video and Pdf-formats are implemented, towards enhancing the grasping power of students

Regular updates are sent out constantly to each and every individual student in a specific manner, and also provide them with a unique 'Username' and 'Password', which helps in maintaining records of every individual student's performance index.

Star Academy emphasizes on four Curriculum activities, which are branched out into American, British, Indian as well as Pakistani Curriculum.

Star Academy emphasizes on four Curriculum activities which are branched out into ...

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Our Curriculum

American curriculum

British Curriculum

Indian Curriculum

Pakistan Curriculum

IB Curriculum

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Test your system's compatibility for flash player, browser, operating system, and port settings.

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Whiteboard Classes

software- Type/Version

Flash Player-10.3 or later

Browser-Internet Explorer, Chrome*, Safari, Firefox, Opera

Operating system -Mac OS X, iOS, Microsoft Windows, Android, Linux

Port 1935 RTMP or Port 80 Should be open

iOS and Android users need to install the WizIQ App to access Virtual Classroom

Users on Chrome browser must upgrade the browser to version 28.0.1500.72 or above for better Audio/Video experience in the Virtual Classroom.

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Practice is the key to keep students retain their input statistics, and also boosts their confidence level.

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Mock Test Process

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Our academy believes and has classrooms without teachers; an innovative concept we follow towards the welfare of our students and an improvement on their learning skills.

Every three months, we conduct an online examination for our students (like board exams), to review their performance index and improve their skills.

A team of professional and brilliant teachers are always there to give you their valuable input, for any queries our students require.

A mandatorily policy of our academy, is that every student should necessarily first 'Register' on our domain, before accessing our various features.

All students should mandatorily enter their true and relevant/latest credentials, in the boxes provided, when signing up.

In case of any grievances' or doubt, students can anytime address all their queries to our 24 hour online 'student help centre' to get their issues resolved.



Star Academy reaches out on a global standing, focused towards imparting education in a simple, basic and intelligible way, making learning and comprehending variant concepts easier to understand. Through our notes delivered to students.


Our academy has indeed also been one of the pioneers, in innovating a new and easy conception of learning and comprehending education, imparted to students by video. Here, at the academy, we make sure that the students are equipped and are always.


Practice is the key to keep students retain their input statistics, and also boosts their confidence level. To implement this, our tutorial incorporates the theory of enhancing their educational skills in a preparatory mode, basically towards getting.


'Whiteboard' is basically a online based platform, a direct link oriented towards solving students queries, by using the latest advanced technology. The whiteboard allows you to choose your desired subject field.

Our Features

  Our team at Star Academy have come –up with yet another brilliant and beneficial aspect, focused on student development, directly proportional to the sophisticated technology, by launching an 'app' which is totally feasible and favorably revolutionizing the whole concept of decoding educational strategies, to an easy accessible app.    


Start-up Description

The procedure is simple and self-explanatory. Enter the required fields below after which you choose your 'curriculum', your required syllabus and finally your subject. Accordingly to your choice, the related fee would be displayed. The payment option gives you a choice of a credit/debit card.

Enter the accordant details and then click on the 'I Agree' button below, with attributes to the terms and conditions of the academy.

  • Register details in registration form
  • Choose your syllabus
  • Go to the login Form
  • And Get Your Needs
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