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‘Star Academy’ is fundamentally an online educational based tutorial platform, exclusively for the benefits of students on a global level. The founder of ‘Star Academy’ Mr. M.A.Raja, who is also the establisher of ‘Rea Solutions’ own exclusive as well as a unique way of teaching techniques, which was considered as a simple and basic innovative strategy, adopted by many schools. . Mr. M.A.Raja, was not limited to just imparting education to students, but rather more inclined towards replicating the same module of internet educational facilities, his focus oriented to spreading educational concepts to all students through the internet hub, reaching out to students on a global scale, by using the internet platform towards imparting knowledge to students globally; especially towards the average and lower level students, in sync with an ideology of being one of the best online tutorial, a brilliant team of teachers handpicked exclusively, where each teacher is professional, providing their best inputs to students queries, in sync with an ideology of being one of the best online tutorial.

A brilliant team of teachers serving and solving students queries round the clock, where each teacher is professional, thus able to provide their best inputs to the students queries. ‘Star Academy’ was thus formulated for these specific conceptual reasons, of global education for students, via the internet, with the academy’s headquarters in India.


Our company mission is based totally on ‘Trust Orientation’, delivering students with the latest updated educational details, in a consistent manner, from our management. Our company endorses ‘Value’ and ‘Importance’ which is always provided to students on a global level, through “Star Academy”.


The company’s visionary concept is spreading education concepts all over the world, reaching education to students on a global scale, by implementing the internet platform as the base for the conception of ‘Star Academy’, with its headquarters in India.



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